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We want you to find the perfect outline for your class. In order to do that we have collated over 27,000 classes from every law school into a universal naming scheme for our database. This, along with dozens of other enhancements, allows you to find the perfect outline faster.

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The community database we run needs your help to grow! If you have some outlines that you made a few years back then please upload them. The more outlines you can share the higher the likelihood that others can find what they are looking for.

Right now we run an exchange system. Every outline needs 1 credit to download and we have provided numerous ways to get credits. Ideally, downloading an outline should be free if you are doing your part and helping upload new ones. There are many ways to earn credits:

FREE Bar Exam Outlines

As a further incentive to help grow the database, you will receive a free set of MBE outlines when you upload 5 law school outlines. These are "cram session" outlines created for the MBE to accelerate your studying! As a preview, here is a property law outline from the set.

Note: The bar outlines will be made available automatically for download in your account upon approval of your 5th uploaded outline.

Earn Cash for Uploading Your Outlines!

As a final incentive to help grow the database and help other students succeed, you can register as an affiliate and earn cash. Sign up by logging in and adding your law school email (must be an ".edu" address). When you do that, we will pay you $1.00 each time a outline you upload is downloaded with purchased credits. If you upload a really amazing outline then this can really add up.